Monday, 10 July 2017

Follow Your Dreams

Good Morning,
Have you seen the challenge that Shop and Crop Scrapbooking have running? If not here is a link to the post on the blog, where you will find lots of inspiration from the Design Team. To enter you need to belong to our Facebook group and add your creation into the correct album. You have until the end of the month to do so.
The challenge is a mood board
How much fun can you have with this, we would love to see what you create.
I took my inspiration from the colour palette and the quote and created a journal page.
I had soooo much messy fun creating this page, would you like to know how I did it? If so please keep reading and I will share my process with you.
I am not a huge bound journal lover, I do have them but my favourite way to create a journal page is either on mixed media paper or very heavy watercolour paper, which I cover with a layer of gesso. After making sure the gesso was dry I found some old book pages that I torn up and glued down with matte medium. There was no order to where I put them it was just rather random.
After cutting off the pieces of paper that were hanging over the edge using my palette knife I spread a thin layer of gesso all across my page. I didn't want to completely cover the text just incorporate it into my the background. 
I always make sure that once I have finished a layer it is completely dry before moving on to the next one. I would be totally lost with my heat gun. Although in saying that for this step again using my palette knife I spread crackle medium across my page in different thicknesses but I didn't use my heat gun. This crackle medium I needed to let it dry naturally.

The bigger the crack the thick the medium.

To bring the cracks to life I used black paint and acrylic glazing medium to create a glaze. This means that the paint will take longer to dry and is more fluid than when it came out of its container. You have to be brave with this step, as you paint your entire surface and leave it to dry. Don't let it dry completely as you want to be able to remove some of it.

I wasn't brave enough for my liking so I actually did it twice. To remove the paint and medium, you need to use a wet cloth, baby wipe or paper towel. I used a baby wipe.

This technique brought the cracks to life, as you can see the medium and paint has got between the cracks.

The next step in my art journal page was to use paint on a makeup sponge through a stencil, keeping with the colour palette of the mood board.

My palette knife is something else I would be lost without. I have 4 of them but one favourite that I always go looking for to use. Using my palette knife I lightly spread the black and titanium paint over the surface of my page, drying between each application so the colours didn't mix.

Before this next step I needed to make sure that my page was completely dry so I went and did some mummy things (washing, cleaning, you know that fun stuff) for a couple of hours. When I came back using a stencil and a very, very, thin glue through a stencil I make sticky marks over my page which I then stuck my mega-flakes to. Love the shine that it added to my page.
When deciding on doing an art journal page and using part of the mood board I printed the text Follow your Dreams in a couple of different sizes so once the back ground was finished I could choose which size I wanted to use. I add the text and black cotton and my page was finished.
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I hope that you play along
Happy Creating

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  1. Your art journal page looks amazing a fabulous take on the mood board!