Friday, 18 August 2017

Much Ado About Nothing

It's Deena here with you again today. I bring you a little something extra an art journal page.
Recently I was away on retreat with a room filled with very talented ladies and so much inspiration.
I was sitting there on the last night wondering what I was going to create next. I was looking through my things and I came across my scribble sticks. Now so far I have not been a huge fan of them, I had used them a couple of times and I will be playing with them in the future. I decided to play with them.
Here is my art journal page

My art journal page was really about nothing special just playing. That's the thing with art journaling you can do anything you like. Try new products, try a new technique or what ever comes out.
To start with I had a piece a heavy watercolour paper that I covered with a layer of gesso, 95% of the time i cover my art journal page in gesso. It helps with the movement of products across my page and it also reduces the product soaking into the paper, so you use less product, which is a win in my books.
The next step was to find a piece of book text which I tore into strips, nothing was measure or cut just torn which gave me different size strips of paper. I then attached them to my page with matte medium vertically and horizontally.
Once they were all attached I then scraped an extremely thin layer of gesso over the top.
I then found a stencil in my collection and my texture paste I used the whole of the stencil across my page.

 The next step was to choose scribble stick colours and randomly scribble across the surface of my page. Once my scribbles covered the page I then got out one of my big watercolour brushes and loaded it with water and began moving the pigment. I think I did this step a couple of times making sure that I dried in between the layers of scribble and water.

While I was laying down the strips of paper I just happened to lay the words Much Ado About Nothing at the top of my journal page. This became my title. I made sure that I didn't cover it with gesso or texture paste so that it stood out from the rest of my page.
Scribble Sticks are available in the store
Happy Creating

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  1. I agree, it is all about the process and seeing the end result.. fabulous arty page!!