Thursday, 17 August 2017

Day Dream

Good Morning
This morning I have a canvas I created using one of the kits from the Brisbane expo. Expo Kit - No. 8 which was designed by the very talented Elisa. I am going to share with you my process in a photographic tutorial.
The first step in my process was to prepare my canvas (not included in kit). I am not sure how many layers of gesso I put on the canvas but I wanted to create a lot of texture.
I did help the gesso to dry with my heat gun but then I let it dry naturally overnight because of the thickness of the gesso I didn't know if all the layers were dry. Once the canvas had sat overnight, I attached my stamp to my stamp block with double sided tape and then using my black ink (not included in kit) I stamped over the surface of the canvas. None of the stampings were perfect that's because I was stamping on a canvas but that was okay with me.
I needed to cover up some of the stamping as it was just too much but I needed the coverage of the stamped images to make sure that I was adding another layer to peak through. Using my palette knife I scraped the gesso across the surface of my canvas.
To add another layer and more texture to my canvas using a stencil from my stash but also available from the shop I added texture paste over a good portion of the surface.
A close up of the stamping, gesso and texture paste.
Using the chipboard in the kit I selection the largest circle and three of the feathers. Using black paint from my collection I painted all four pieces of the chipboard.
Provided in the kit is some gold leaf which I used to decorate the surface of the black paint. How I made the pattern was using the stencil provided and my sponge I added glue to the surface then the gold leaf.
Getting back to my canvas to add some colour I used both of the dylusion sprays included in the kit. I first applied bubblegum pink. I sprayed the top of the canvas three times then spraying water over the top of the dylusions spray I not only diluted the pink but moved the colour down the canvas. Drying between layers I repeated this process with the vibrant turquoise.
Close up of the texture with the colour.
I painted the words day dreamer which I did cut apart with the gesso, then attached to the bottom left corner. I then attached my dream catcher to the canvas. The final step was to stamp the stamp on the white card stock provided and then cut it up and attach the words in random spots on the canvas.
products used that are not provided in the kit but can be found in the Shop
Happy Creating

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  1. This looks amazing, love seeing the step by steps..