Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Introducing Deena Otway....

Hello, I’m Dee and I am a lover of all things messy card making, art journaling, creating canvases and scrapbooking. . I am not sure how I would describe my style of creating but as long as it has, texture, layers and colour that’s me. When I am not creating art (which is as often as I can, sleep is overrated), I am a Mum to a girl and boy who keep me on my toes. We live on the South-West coast of Victoria not far from the Great Ocean Road.

What inspires you to create?

Lots of things inspire me, which is probably why my art is so varied. A colour, a new technique, photos, a colour, a class, one of my favourite artists, a new medium, the list is endless.

Favourite type of crafting?

Anything mixed media is my favourite type. If I can’t get messy then I don’t really want to do it, although I would love to learn how to crochet.

Where do you scrap?

When we built the current home we are living in 6 yrs ago we built an office. It’s not an office any more, sure if you were to take all my art stuff out it would be an office once again but it is my space and it’s not very often that I get visitors coming in. The next house we build (and it will happen) I am going to have a bigger space and a big window with natural light. I do have a window now in front of my bench but because it is at the front of the house at ground level I don’t open the blinds very often.

Why do you love getting the subscription kits?

Working with a kit gives you lots of different products and somewhere to kick off from. Included are instructions from the design team on how to make a layout but you can always put your own spin to it and use the leftovers to make other projects. Plus it’s always fun to received happy mail.

You can find my work here:


  1. So nice to know bit more about you and looking forward to creating with you!!

  2. Lovely to read your bio Dee, I hope you get your bigger craft room one day.