Monday, 4 December 2017

Little Lindy Try-Me Kit


Today I want to share with you a canvas tutorial and how I used Little Lindy Try-Me Kit from Lindy's Stamp Gang. Included in the pack was a Magical - tiffanylou's blu, 2 starbursts - crème brulee cream and tiffanylou blue and a moon shadow mist - van dyke sepia. Lindy's products have to been one of my favourite things to use. Just a tip to remember, they are water reactive so what every wet substance you use over the top of them it will react with the lindy's product.
This is what I created
I started off with a canvas that I found in my stash, the dimensions are 15.5 x 15.5 cm by 3.5 cm in height. Then using gesso I put a really, really thick layer of it all over my canvas (including the sides). This layer is not smooth by any means. I love texture and I was getting texture even if it took days to dry. Before it did dry I found some thread, not actually sure what it was, again just in my stash and wrapped it around and around and around my canvas in all directions, make sure that I pulled it tight so it was embedded into the gesso. The thread was not going anywhere but once the gesso was dry I tied off the two ends. To incorporate the thread a little bit more I put more gesso over the string so that it didn't look like it was just sitting there.

Here is a close up view
I have to admit this canvas has been sitting on my desk in this unfinished state since January. Yes you read that right. Way back in January I had this great idea of creating a canvas this way, so I did. Then it just didn't work the way I wanted it too. It wasn't until I got my design team package from Kylie and I saw what was in it that a new idea started to form and one that I knew was going to work.
The next step in creating the canvas was adding the colour

This close up shows the shimmer, it looks so different from above but this was sitting in full sunlight streaming through my window This gold shimmer came from the crème burlee cream so pretty.
I decided that I had lost some of the dimension and I needed to get that back. With my palette knife I added white gesso to the top of the thread adding dimension and contrast.
Finally I am happy with the canvas now I needed to work on the embellishments. I am using chipboard that was in my design team package and I decided to heat emboss it. When I am heat embossing chipboard I always do the process twice because it give a much nicer finish, the photos below show the difference between one coat (first photo) and two coats (second photo)
 I glued the chipboard to my canvas and added the little quote down the bottom and it was finished.

Products used from the Shop:
Dusty Attic Chipboard - foliage #5
Happy Creating

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