Saturday, 9 September 2017

Using Up Your Leftovers

Good Morning,
Have you got sitting on your work table left overs from kits that you have brought from us? Well I am here today to share a couple of cards that I created using some of the leftovers. For my post last month I create a canvas using Expo Kit No. 8
This is the gorgeous layout create by Elisa that you can create with Expo Kit No. 8
 This is the canvas that I created with the kit. Click here to see my tutorial
This is the first card I am sharing with you, please keep reading below for a quick tutorial on how I created it.
In the kit was two pieces of cardstock, one was kraft and the other was white. When I created the canvas above I only used a small portion of the white cardstock so I had the whole 12x12 piece of kraft cardstock left which I cut up to create my cards.
The first step in my process was to cover the front and back of the cardstock with clear gesso (not supplied in kit). This was to create a surface that I could add my mediums to.
Using an old store card I scraped black gesso (not supplied in kit) down my card. I didn't want it perfect I wanted movement and texture.
I wanted to use the stamp and left over gold leaf. So I put some glue on some foam and then stamped into the foam and then on to my card three times then I spread the left over gold leaf. I think it work really well as you can read the words.


One of the left over feathers I first covered with a couple of thin layers of the white gesso (supplied) and then I went to town with the dylusions spray. Not sure how many coats I sprayed but I did dry in between layers to get the desired effect.
Before I attached the feather to the front of the card I splattered dylusions over the top of the card.

This is the second card I want to share with you.
This poor card started out in such a different way to what it ended up becoming.
Like the previous card I created I used an old store card to scrap gesso down the card surface, this time using the white gesso supplied.
To create my circles I actually used the circle shape that was left after I had removed all the pieces from the main 12x12 chipboard.
I found a small paintbrush and traced inside the circle shape onto my card. I made sure that I dried each circle as I went.
Using a watercolour pencil I traced around the outside of my circles and then activate it with water.
I hadn't planned on having a thick black border but when I was inking the edges I smudged it so then I smudged it some more.
I watered down some of the white gesso and created the splashed all over the surface of my card. Because the dylusions reactivates with liquid some of my spots turned blue which added to the background of my card.

The last step was to use a black ink from my stash on my stamp and then decided which words I was going to use.
Here is a close of up the background.

Happy Creating

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